Fiske Best Buys

The Fiske Guide to Colleges gives you what no other guide does – a list of colleges and universities that qualify as Best Buys based on the quality of the academic offerings in relation to the cost of attendance.

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Fiske Sizing Yourself Up Survey

Our 30-item survey offers a simple way to get a handle on some critical issues in college selection—and what sort of college may fit your preferences.

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Fiske One-Hour College Finder

Confused about where to begin your search? The Fiske One-Hour College Finder is a quick and easy map to the college universe. The Finder offers an introduction to the nation’s best and most interesting schools in handy lists and bulleted descriptions.

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Strategies for SAT Success

Since you’re too smart to fret and pull your hair out over a tough SAT problem, rx there are two options. You can either skip it and come back, or you can guess. But which strategy is best?

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The best college guide you can buy.
USA Today
The 'bible' of college admissions guidebooks.
San Francisco Chronicle
The Fiske Guide to Colleges has been a best-seller for good reason. Few other books can capture the highlights and character of a school in such a clear and efficient manner.
Allen Grove,